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Staff Profiles

Augustus Sutherland, CEO/President

Derrick (AUGUSTUS) Sutherland Jr, has been preparing Tax Returns since 2005 and has been working in various accounting and financial management roles for 25 years plus. Back in 2006, I was offered a Manager position to open an H&R Block office site in Valencia California. Because I was already a Property Accountant and had previously worked with Steven Spielberg’s, Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, I took the opportunity to add Tax knowledge to my already experienced resume. At H&R Block I Supervised 6 Tax Preparer Professionals. At the time I also held the State of California Real Estate license. My thought was that I could help new Buyers and Sellers with their newly acquired Real Estate while speaking intelligently about the value of homeownership and home sales from a tax perspective. (Also see

I quickly learned that I had a desire to help individuals maximize their tax dollars by giving them valuable information and strategies. It actually felt satisfying watching the faces on my clients light up with joy when they discovered that they were receiving large refunds. While at H&R Block the focus was on preparation of individual returns, however, I had a desire to learn more and expand my tax knowledge. In addition to Individuals, I wanted to help small business owners. Often when an individual and or a group of friends decide to start a business, they think solely about the revenue potential of their business not realizing the tax implications of the newly acquired revenue. Too often small business owners think of Accounting and filing taxes as a burden. I often hear small business owners say they “can’t afford the service”. I say to small business owners, “you Can’t afford NOT to have Accounting services”. Realizing that small business owners needed help, I set out on a journey to create the best accounting and Tax Preparation Company for small businesses…Period! I founded AUGUSTUS INC, dba Augustus Sutherland Accounting and Tax Preparation Service, (ASAT!). I created this company so that small business owners know they have a Partner in us. We offer a comprehensive range of services to support small business owners and individuals. We specialize in working with the S-Corporation, C-Corporation, LLC, Schedule C sole proprietor, etc. Our services include Tax Preparation, Outsourced Accounting/Bookkeeping, Outsourced CFO Advisory, Tax Planning, and Financial Services. We outsource Wealth Management and Tax Resolution.

Augustus Sutherland’s diverse background features many interests of which I am proud and honored to partake. I have zeal and a passion for Aviation and because of it; I have been a member of Civil Air Patrol, Squadron 35, Since November of 2013. Civil Air Patrol is an official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force and a part of Home Land Security. In 2015, I achieved the ultimate goal of earning my “Wings”, Private Pilot Certification. I am a proud member of the Federal Aviation Administration, as an “AIRMEN”. I am currently working on an IFR rating. I have over 300 hours logged. I fly out of Van Nuys airport in Southern California. If you or your kids have an interest in aviation like I do, I would recommend the young eagles program. It has produced many aviators. There is also “the FAASTTeam”, at, which provides aviation education.

In closing, ASAT! Is a virtual Accounting and Tax Preparation firm offering Tax Preparation, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Outsourced CFO Advisory, Tax Planning, and Financial Services. We outsource Wealth Management and Tax Resolution.

The story is still being written and I want you to be a part of it!